Again... we working to have the site online and soon.
We want to talk about music on our site, but today, this is not very easy to talk about music.
This is very hard to be free and talk of music as we want.
We hope you can understand. We working to have web from the 1994/5 and we working much more from the 2004,
for us beging to be so hard work on web, we must change all our site to adapt our site and to have all ready for new generations, new layout site and new laws.
Please, accept all from our site and you can make a setup of your browser as you want. You are free, you can have all if you want if you accept all from our site.
...please, first to surf on net or our website/websites, check the setup of your browser to be safe.
Make a setup of your browser about cookies, privacy, files and anithing if you want.

Best regards
The Webmaster.